By now, you should be able to figure out how a website is laid out. The sidebar's to the left. Updates can be found on the main page, though I usually don't announce new things in the gallery. MAX and MRCAeX and similar people can find information under 'Character Exchange', or they can just browse the gallery.


January 11, 2010: Fiction Update. Also, had to change the sidebar, a bit.

June 25, 2009: Don't know why I don't just change this to 'Art Site'. Anyway, I updated the fiction, though most of it has already made it to Dreamwidth (invoking-urania).

September 21, 2008: New RPG stuff. More will come soon.

September 17, 2008: Added a new section -- see the 'Fan Portal' to see my more common and varied fandoms. I only have Slayers up.

September 10, 2008: (later) I got the conlang section up, though I don't know what I want to do about vocabulary. Translating what I have in PDF/LaTeX into HTML fills me with dread, and Adobe Acrobat's Export PDF to HTML form is ugly, ugly, ugly.

September 10, 2008: I clearly fail at keeping my site current. Fic section is done. I have over 100 works under 1,000 words, and over 30 longer works. There are enough words to win NaNoWriMo several times over, and my two finished NaNovels aren't even up here.

December 8, 2007: Long time no update -- life keeps me busy. New layout. Expect another update with content later.

March 4, 2007: More fiction -- I'm running close to 75 drabbles/ficlets.